As Kaltes Electric, we pursue our goal of high quality production by implementing a quality control procedure in the order of raw material control, control in every section of production, including paint thickness and knock tests and a final product control. We always choose high quality raw materials and we strictly observe the quality of these raw materials by controlling products with test reports and quality certificates that we receive from the suppliers on input quality control process. On production process, we control the quality of semi finished products by using follow up forms in every section, to decrease the inaccuracy tolerance. With tests and controls of the painting section, we make sure of the durability and the long lasting of our products for the intended conditions. After the last control at the assembling section, we finalize the quality control processes and the goods get ready for shipping. We are integrating the quality control system with a tracking number system to follow up the production records. In case of a problem, this integration helps us to detect whether the production or the user is responsible for the fault.

The quality system and procedures that we use are applicable with the international norms. We prove our devotion to these norms with the quality certificates that we have. In our point of view, fulfillment of the applicable legal regulations and international standards has a great importance in terms of the validity of our quality policy.