Kaltes, has a modern facility which established in 5500m2 closed area and equipped with the latest technology production equipments. In addition to production line, Kaltes is managing by expert team with ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 enviroment and quality management certified professional management system.

Kaltes focused on production plan, in order to materialize the customer demand professionally with its qualified and competent staff. Kaltes executes technical drawings and graphics by prestudy prior planning each manufacture stage where from ordering up to delivery. With this production plan, the products are systematically processed so that the delivery can be achieved precisely in time.

It is our essential principle to manufacture flawless products for the customers. Ranging from smallest scale products up to the complicated ones, we manufacture the best quality with our competent staff and our facility equipped with cutting edge technology.

Customer orders are tested several times during manufacturing process and after assembly process. The products are examined down to the last detail in order to restore probable mistakes in advance and to avoid any malfunction.